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Posted on 11 January 2010 by Jon Lim

Looks great and gives out some quality stuff!
MustTap Score Silver Tap

    - Great throwback to the original
    - Fantastic touch-ups of graphics and sounds
    - Three game modes keep it fresh, two additional game modes for purchase

    - Additional game modes must be purchased
    - Gameplay may be a little repetitive to most

Bust-A-Move is a very faithful adaptation of the original with its own bit of flavour. Fans of the original and puzzle-lovers will spend hours and hours with this - and you will not be disappointed.

Bust-A-Move is a great adaptation of the arcade classic from TAITO Corporation.

Well this looks familiar.

Have you ever played Bust-A-Move? If your answer was anything but a resounding “Yes!” then shame on you. Bust-A-Move is one of my favourite “shoot-a-bubble-to-pop-other-bubbles” games from back in the day – so much so that I even created the genre of “shoot-a-bubble-to-pop-other-bubbles” in order to describe it.

Well, for the sake of posterity, I will explain it for those who do not know: in Bust-A-Move (or Puzzle Bobble as it is known in North America), you are in control of Bub, a strange lizard creature who shows a strange affection toward brightly-coloured orbs that he then slings upward towards other orbs that are just as brightly-coloured. Bub’s one real objective? Eliminate those orbs that he is so fond of by making sure that orbs of the same colour are touching in groups of three or more.

I'm here to save... that?

Now that is out of the way, we can discuss Bust-A-Move for the iPhone. What’s different from regular Bust-A-Move? Well, let’s start with the controls. You have two options for firing your lovable orbs: drag and shoot, or point and shoot. Drag and shoot has you tapping and holding the firing machine, moving your finger away from said machine while simultaneously aiming, and letting it fly. Point and shoot is even more self-explanatory: tap where you want the orb to go and press the shiny red button to fire it off. Pretty easy, and caters to different styles of play.

The actual objective of the game is that some of your friends are stuck in various worlds for some odd reason, and you have to go through each world and clear out all of the stages contained within – each stage having three rounds that you must clear. Really straight-forward and simple story. Of course, if you’re playing Bust-A-Move for its story, you might want to consider putting your iPhone down and taking a nice long walk.

You also have three game modes: Story mode (as described above), Challenge mode, and VS. mode.

The graphics of Bust-A-Move are very faithful to the original while keeping the quality high enough to be enjoyable for the iPhone. They are very plain and simple with very well drawn and animated sprites and environments. No real complaints on my end – I can’t even make a joke about it!

Like the rest of the game, the sounds are simple and very fitting for Bust-A-Move, the sounds that the original had – bubbles firing off, orbs hitting each other, orbs bouncing off sides – are all the same or touched up for better quality. There is also a nice and subtle soundtrack that is very nice and cheery and fits the environments presented in the game.


Overall, Bust-A-Move is a great throwback to the original – the graphics, sound, and gameplay are all very familiar while doing enough to ensure that they all stay crisp and fresh. I’ve sunk a good amount of hours (and so have my friends!) playing Bust-A-Move and we’ve had a blast.

In addition, Taito recently released a great update that adds a store where you can purchase two new game modes: Puzzle mode and Co-op mode. I haven’t really had a chance to try either of them out, but if they are anything like what we currently have in the original game, I’m sure they are amazing.


MustTap Score: Silver Tap

Looks great and gives out some quality stuff!

Bottom Line
Bust-A-Move is a very faithful adaptation of the original with its own bit of flavour. Fans of the original and puzzle-lovers will spend hours and hours with this - and you will not be disappointed.


Well this looks familiar.

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